Something Sweet
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Local hand-crafted desserts, made with quality ingredients and love!

1525 LeMarchant Street, Halifax

A local dessert shop that offers instant delivery to Halifax & Dartmouth!


From key lime to peanut butter

Layer Cakes

Make your party taste


Baked with the finest


Italian buttercream!

About us


Something Sweet is a local dessert shop located in the hub of Halifax! As small business owners, we take pride in small-batch baking, and the quality and care that goes into each of our hand-crafted desserts! Each of our desserts is made from carefully selected fine ingredients, such as pure vanilla and unpasteurized honey from our own urban beehives. Our desserts are inspired by the classics of European baking fused with any interesting or seasonal ingredient we come across! Our scrumptious dessert menu includes a variety of cheesecakes, layer cakes, tarts, cupcakes, cookies, and more!

At Something Sweet, we also deliver our decadent desserts right to your door, and within the hour! We believe in the power of dessert to improve any day – no special occasion needed! Whether you are having a comfy night in, a celebration, or an office function, we’re here to satisfy any sweet craving or dessert need!


Creamy and hits the spot!

Layer Cakes

Simple, yet elegant. Enough to win over any party.


Satisfied with one, but will leave you wanting more!


Who doesn't love cupcakes? Italian buttercream and made with pure vanilla (no alcohol extract).


Create your own combo of cake bites, cookies, and mini cupcakes or let us design one to suit your needs.

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*Delivery within the hour to Halifax/Dartmouth core, longer times for extending areas of HRM.

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